Hand Poked Tattoos

Hand poked tattoos are the most original and ancient form of tattooing, dating back thousands of years.

They are applied by hand (without the use of a machine) poking

the ink into the skin dot-by-dot to create the desired image.

Hand poked tattoos lost popularity when tattoo machines were developed, as the machines allowed for

bigger designs to be created in much less time. However, in recent years, hand poked tattoos have seen a

huge resurgence in popularity. This is likely due to the more delicate application method which causes

less trauma to the skin, making the process less painful and resulting in shorter healing times.

It is also the unique experience of receiving a hand poked tattoo that appeals to people, as without the 

noise associated with a 'typical' tattoo studio, clients find the atmosphere more relaxing, intimate and

'spiritual' in nature.

Although the 'method' of applying hand poked tattoos is ancient in nature, the needles, inks, tools and hygeine

practices used are all compliant with modern day legislation and Health Authority approved.

The only real difference between a machine applied and hand poked tattoo is speed...

Obviously hand poked tattoos are much slower and therefore ideally suited to small - medium sized designs.

Larger pieces can be done but it is important to be aware that these will require multiple sessions.

If you are interested in experiencing a hand poked tattoo, why not take advantage of a no obligation, free

consultation at my fully licensed, insured and health approved studio?

Simply complete the consultation form with your details and design idea and we can work together from there

to create your completely unique tattoo!


COVID19 requirements currently state that all personal service providers

must wear a mask, however,

I DO NOT require YOU to wear one to attend your tattoo appointment.

It is not currently legislation for clients to wear them

and therefore I leave that choice to you.

If you would prefer to wear a mask to attend your appointment, please do.

Due to the current situation with hand washing, I do not recommend

hand/finger tattoos at this time.

The constant hand washing seriously affects how well the tattoo heals and

as a result affects the quality of the finished tattoo.

My highest priority is, as always, your health & safety

and the quality of your tattoo.

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