Hi, my name is Sam and I have held a lifelong passion for tattoos, spending decades studying the vast array of styles

and the application processes involved. In recent years I have found myself drawn to the more

traditional method of tattooing with it's roots embedded in a more spiritual practice

and thus immersed myself in hand poking, becoming a self taught artist.


For the past few years I have been developing and perfecting my technique and as a result, pride myself on my

level of precision that enables me to create clean and clear tattoos that will still look amazing in decades to come.

My particular style interests lay in designs involving symmetry and geometry with clean lines and precise dotwork.

I strongly believe that every tattoo should be completely unique to the individual and therefore no tattoo is

EVER repeated (with the exception of charity flash & matching tattoos).

Neither will I tattoo other peoples artwork and as such you, as a client, can be 100% confident

that your design is yours and yours only!

I also passionately believe that tattoos are for everybody and this means that I offer a safe,

welcoming, private space regardless of background or orientation of any kind.

Absolutely no discrimination of any kind will be tolerated and so you can be comfortable in the knowledge that you will be treated with the highest level of respect and professionalism.

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