Are hand poked tattoos permanent?

Absolutely! Ink that has been poked into the skin correctly will last exactly the same

as a machine applied tattoo.

How much will my tattoo cost?

Flash designs will be advertised at a fixed cost. The cost of custom designs will vary and are priced

on an individual basis. To get an exact cost for your design it is recommended to book a consultation.


How old do I have to be to get a tattoo?

You must be a minimum of 18 years old. Minors will not be accepted, even with parental permission.

Please have proof of ID ready when you book.

Do you accept finger/face tattoos?

Tattoos on the hands, fingers & feet will be considered on an individual basis and only if the client

understands and accepts the following:

- tattoos in these areas WILL fade due to the excessive wear on the skin. Fading can occur within a

week and the ink can fall out completely if exceptional aftercare is not taken.

- to keep tattoos in these areas looking fresh, they will require regular touch ups. These will be

done at an additional cost for each touch up.

Tattoos on the face and neck will only be considered for clients who already have multiple tattoos. Tattoos in these 'visible' areas (including hands) need serious consideration. They are known as 'job killers'

in the industry as they can result in discrimination and restrictions within society, although

this is becoming less so.

How do I prepare for a consultation?

When attending your consultation it is best to have a very clear idea of what design/design elements

you want to be included in your design and where you want the design to be placed.

It is useful to provide references you like and what you like about them in order for the best

design to be created for you.

How do I prepare for my appointment?

For you to have the best tattoo experience possible, it is recommended that you are well rested and

you have eaten. It is also advisable to bring a drink and a snack with you. People obviously under the influence of drugs/alcohol will not be tattooed under any circumstances. It is also a good idea not

to be in a rush. Occasionally tattoos can take longer than predicted and you will receive the best

quality tattoo if I am not under the pressure of time restraints.

Can I bring a friend?

Although I understand it is nice to have support/company while receiving your tattoo, as the studio

space is quite limited, it would be ideal for you to come alone. For people who feel they would

really need someone with them, I can do my best to accommodate.

Do you do cover ups?

Cover ups are not my specialist area, however, I will happily consult on an individual basis.

I will give you my completely honest opinion as to if I think I can successfully cover the tattoo

or if you would be best seeking an artist that specializes in this area.

Do you do touch ups?

It is completely normal for areas to sometimes fade a little during the healing process, particularly

for areas of solid black where scabbing is more likely to occur. If touch ups are required in this instance,

then this will be done for free for up to 6 months after receiving the original tattoo. If, however, the fading is a result of poor aftercare, touch ups will be done at an additional cost.

To avoid this scenario, please follow your aftercare instructions carefully.

I have had an allergic reaction, what should I do?

It is possible to have allergic reactions to the pigments in the inks or to the healing film and unfortunately

this is impossible to anticipate. If you do have an allergic reaction please seek professional

medical attention immediately.

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